a sketch of Reverend Gary Davis by Rory Block
Reverend Gary Davis, born April 30, 1896, died May 5, 1972, was an amazing guitarist and a remarkable person.  This website is dedicated to honoring him and his legacy.
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Q: How do I get permission to release a recording of one of Rev. Davis' songs?
A: The publishing and estate of Rev. Gary Davis are handled by Folklore Productions and Chandos Music, 1671 Appian Way, Santa Monica, CA, USA. Their phone number is 310-451-0767 and their fax is 310-458-6005.

Q: Where can I find tablature for a certain Rev. Gary Davis song?
A: Many instructional books and videos have been published to help learn how to play Davis' songs.
Click here for details about all of them, including where to purchase them, or search by song here.

Q: Where can I find the lyrics to a certain Rev. Gary Davis song?
A: Some song lyrics are posted here on the Rev. Gary Davis website.

Q: Where are the interviews of Rev. Gary Davis?
You can read a great interview by Stefan Grossman here.

Q: How and where can I hear about and email or meet other students and/or disciples of the Reverend?
A: Click here for links to many students and disciples. To discuss the Reverend's music and similar styles I suggest Ari Eisinger's Acoustic Blues Message Board
and the Woodshed! (presented by Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop).

Q: Where is the Reverend buried?
A: Reverend Gary Davis was buried in Rockville Cemetery in Lynbrook, New York. View a photo of his grave and read his obituary from the New York Times.


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