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The 5 Types of Medical Claims Available for You If You Are a Victim of Medical Negligence

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Noticed just how fast the medical industry is growing in the country? Well, it just so happens that all this is as a result of the rapid increase in medical demand. And this, in turn, also increases the overall risk of accidents and mistreatments significantly across all healthcare services. And from this fact, you will naturally find the current number of medical malpractice claims to also be on the rise.

There are, however, some common medical negligence claims that fall before courtrooms regularly. In this article, we should put more focus on the top five common medical negligence claims.

1. Medical misdiagnosis

When it comes to medical negligence claims, you find that medical misdiagnosis ranks high up in the table. It is the most common type of medical negligence claim in the country. It is from misdiagnosis of a patient’s medical condition or illness that mistreatment follows. Other hazardous steps may also follow suit which makes this a serious negligence case. Failure to correctly diagnose a patient’s medical condition could easily and most certainly lead to the provision of unnecessary medication and treatments.

Failure to produce a diagnosis entirely can also be categorized under medical misdiagnosis. In such a case, you are also viable to file a claim.

2. Medication errors

Also referred to as a prescription error. This type of medical negligence occurs as a result of the prescription being provided or dispensed. This medical malpractice is also quite common. You find situations where a doctor prescribes the wrong medicine to a patient or even prescribes the wrong dosage. In other instances, you may even fall victim to unnecessary medication being prescribed. This medical malpractice can cause some serious health issues and medical conditions of the patients who fall victim to such circumstances.

3. Surgical negligence

This type of medical negligence has also become quite common in surgical rooms. As mentioned earlier, you find that the need to provide quick and effective treatments is continuing to mount on most healthcare institutions and staff. And that is where you find that even the most sensitive surgeries end up having some element of negligence.

There are surgical negligence events that are labeled “Never Events,” meaning that they should never really occur in any regular or standard surgery. But you find that the number of these surgery negligence cases just keep rising. Examples include cases where a surgeon performs the wrong operation, leaves surgical equipment in the patient’s body, operates on the wrong part of the body, etc.

4. Pregnancy and birth injuries

The list of birth injuries are also on the rise. This stage of life falls among the most crucial ones especially to the mother and the child about to be born, and even after birth. Minor birth injuries can sometimes turn into a serious medical issue and sometimes even a permanent one. Makes you wonder how medical personnel would start handling a pregnant woman in labor or a new-born child negligently.

5. Anesthesia errors

When undergoing any major medical operation, specialists always administer anesthesia drugs to put the patient under. Before this can happen, an anesthesiologist needs to examine the patient’s medical records to determine whether there are any allergy issues, prior medications, medical records and history to note. If, however, wrong data is collected at this time, then negligent anesthesia preparations may be made which may end up affecting the patient from the pre-operation medical review or even during the medical procedure itself.

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