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Evidence You Must Gather To Support Your Personal Injury Case

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When you have suffered an injury, you will need to prove that you were actually injured in order to receive compensation. This is thanks to many cases where inaccurate or even fraudulent personal injury claims have been submitted. One of the challenges of documenting medical expenses is that you will need to document them as soon as the injuries occur in order for the documentation to be the most effective, and you likely have a lot on your mind. There are several things to keep in mind.

Take Pictures

Photograph everything you can. Photograph your injuries. Take pictures of the environment where you were injured. For example, if you were injured because of an unsafe work environment that you walked through as a pedestrian, take pictures of the environment. Call a friend or relative and ask him or her to take pictures. Take both close-up pictures and pictures that are further away. Fortunately, it is easy to take pictures since most people have a cell phone.

Take Notes

Take notes of the incident as you remember it and also take notes of your injuries. The sooner you take these notes, the better so that you do not forget. Take notes of anything you experience that is medically relevant after the accident. For instance, if your back begins hurting suddenly, take note of this. Your notes will assist you when receiving medical care because you will be able to inform your doctor of any problems you are experiencing. You will be able to cross-check your notes with the medical records to make sure that there is nothing missing. Your notes will document non-physical injuries, which will be necessary when your personal injury attorney tries to build a case for you to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Keep All Paperwork

Through this whole process, you will be given a considerable amount of paperwork. Make sure to keep everything. You will also need to request documents supporting any lost wages you have experienced and police reports that document the experience. All of this paperwork acts as hard evidence supporting your case.

A personal injury lawyer will be very useful when documenting medical injuries. He or she will know the information that will be necessary in order to prove that you were injured. Your attorney will be able to gather much of this evidence, but there is some evidence that you can only gather on your own.

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