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3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need to Keep Yard Sign Flyer Boxes Full

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As a real estate agent, you may understand the full power that yard signs provide to you. Yard signs placed in front an actively listed home can draw attention to it, help buyers locate the home for showings and even advertise your name and phone number to others who may be interested in selling their home in the future. However, while many understand the full benefits that yard signs provide, many fail to take the extra step of adding flyer boxes to their yard signs. Those who do have flyer boxes affixed to their yard signs unfortunately fail to keep these boxes full of flyers on a regular basis. There are numerous advantages associated with the use of yard sign flyer boxes for your marketing efforts, and a closer look at these benefits will reveal why you need to keep your yard sign flyer boxes full.

Give Interested Buyers Detailed Property Information
The most obvious reason why you need to add yard sign flyer boxes to your listed properties is to provide passersby with detailed information about the property. Many will not make the effort to call you directly for information or even to visit your website without proper motivation to do so. In some cases, the exterior of the home may be so enticing that buyers are encouraged to take these extra steps. However, when flyers have color photos and a winning property description, you may give them the extra incentive they need to take the next step and schedule a tour.

Drive Traffic to Your Website
Your website is a great realtor marketing tool for you to use to sell the current listing as well as other listings that you may actively be working on. Your flyers could be used to drive traffic to your website so that it is more effective. Through your website, your visitors may decide that the home in front of them is not right for them, but they may decide to tour some of your other listed properties. You may also capture leads for future email marketing, to follow up with personally and more.

Take Advantage of Curious Friends and Neighbors
While you can generate a significant number of buying leads through the use of property flyers, you can also find leads for home sales as well. For example, curious friends and neighbors may pick up one of your flyers to learn more about the current price of homes in the area, and these are often people who are thinking about selling their own home in the future. These same people may also ask the person whose home you are actively listing about how pleased they are with your level of service, so flyers can drive referral leads.

Flyers can easily be created for each of your listings within a few minutes in most cases, and printing flyers has a nominal cost to you. You may even give the homeowner a stack of flyers so that he or she can fill the box for you in between your own visits to the home. You can actively benefit from the use of flyer boxes in a number of ways when you take an effort to add a box to your yard sign and to keep the box full.

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