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4 Essential Features of Field Service Management Software

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If you are considering buying field management software for your service business, then you are on the right path to increasing your productivity. However, your chosen package need to have all the most important features. This list details some of the must-have field service management features.

1. Scheduling and Dispatch

Scheduling dispatch is the central hub of a business’ daily routines. As a mobile technician, you need to plan your day around your schedule. But you also need dispatchers. This feature relies on communication tools to update job orders and assignments in real-time.

It’s, therefore, no surprise almost all field service businesses request scheduling and dispatch features. Smart scheduling, text notifications, and in-vehicle telematics are the top scheduling and dispatch capabilities that can serve any business efficiently.
You can use smart scheduling to change-up schedules on the fly and have all your different groups of technicians updated instantly. Text notifications can be used as a service reminder. And in-vehicle telematics can be used to keep track of mobile employees and to enable monitoring of compliance.

2. Contact Management

This particular feature offers several of the same benefits as CRM. You can use it to set up automated messages and reach out to specific groups of your customers. It effectively streamlines customer communication, which enables it to offer significantly impactful operational efficiencies. It allows you to set up automatic emails, segment customers, and also store and manage customer details, which is much better than using employee hours to send messages.

3. Work Order Management

Work orders are the information that passes through scheduling and dispatch, which is the central hub. At each and every time a dispatcher sets the schedule of any technician or sends out an emergency task, it also relays work order information to the technician. Since this is a lot of information to relay so frequently, you, just as other filed service companies do, can record and track orders by using some form of either digital or paper input.

4. In-Field Card Payments

This feature is great for setting up processing accounts in minutes. It’s easy to use. You can plug it directly into your mobile devices and operate it from there. It also makes credit card processing secure. Before it sends the data to your mobile device, it ensures the data is encrypted. This way, it protects both your bank and credit card data. The reader is also compatible with iPhone, Android, and Android devices that you and your service teams are already using.

Imagine you are armed with field management software that has all these capabilities. What would happen? You would be able to keep time always, improve customer communications, stay organized with your work order, and much more.

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