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6 Common Commercial Litigation Cases

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Commercial litigation cases can take lots of twists and turns and if you’re not careful, you may end up losing a case. Commercial litigation cases usually involve disputes that arise in several different situations and places and are encountered on a day-to-day basis based on various uncouth business activities. A commercial litigation law firm ought to be well versed with all of the laws concerning litigation cases and how to assess each case and decide on whether they touch on general issues or not.

Most times, commercial litigation cases involve disputes between two corporations or even an individual and a company and you will notice that most of these cases usually involve money, business-related arguments, misunderstandings or contract issues.

This article has tried to lay down six of the most common commercial litigation cases.

  1. Breach of contract

A breach of contract may as well be the most common litigation case in the industry today. Contracts are binding agreements which usually dictate the terms of agreements which need to be followed by both parties and in the event that one of the parties fails to abide by the contract, then it is considered a breach of contract and the offended party has the right to seek legal action.

  1. Deceptive trade

In most cases, you will hear people refer to this as fraud and involves instances where an individual or a corporation deceives another business or individual to purchase its products or services. Commercial fraud falls into two main categories; the false advertising category and the odometer tampering category. And both are subject to lawful action.

  1. Real estate litigation

This involves income-producing real projects and properties and can include, but not limited to office buildings, retail businesses, condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, etc. These cases usually arise from the financing and acquisition of property, but also the development and construction of property as well.

  1. Non-compete disputes

This involves cases where an employee shares information about the company they used to work for before they were fired, retired, or resigned when the two parties signed a non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements. This can also fall under the breach of contract cases. And legal action can be called for whenever these types of agreements are dishonored by any one of the involved parties.

  1. Partnership disputes

Starting a new business is no easy task, but sometimes the stresses that come with raising a new company from the ground can be eased by partnering and sharing the load. But then what happens when the partners can’t agree on an issue where one partner has a versatile idea that you think can harm the business. So, one partner is pushing for an idea and the other is against it thus a dispute and arguments end up being broken which leaves no other choice but to file for a commercial litigation case to try and solve the issue.

  1. Employment dispute

Most times, these cases arise as a result of disagreements between an employee and the employer or company. A lot of reasons can cause this kind of dispute ranging from the pay to the working hours to benefits, to overtime, etc. The only route here will be the commercial litigation courts to handle such issues.

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